Knitter’s Block

AND SINCE I have not a single solitary clue as to what I want to make I will just be trying new stitch patterns.

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Why do I keep allowing life to keep me from my therapy? I always end up stressed the hell out!

It’s time to pick these needles back up.

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Royal Reign

Congrats to Lil Kim! Love the name :)

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Work in progress, (low quality so I could upload it)

Happy Birthday Yeezy!
My Battle with Variegated Yarn

So pretty in the hank.  

MAD crazy looking when knit up.

I can never get it quite right.  

I think today I’m finally giving up. 

I’m going solid forever starting tonight. 

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Reblog if you wouldn’t mind some curious anons

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Repeat to end.

Shoots and Leaves