If you believe there comes a point where one is too old to be an emcee or ‘rapper’, please share why.

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"dark lipstick makes you look intimidating"

good. stay the hell away from me.

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The wrong side of this stitch should be the right side. I’m turning this cowl inside out when I’m done.
Using two needles to CO is the trick I use to keep from casting my stitches on too tight.


I’m sorry, I don’t really understand the whole “HOW DARE YOU IMPLY MY NEEDLEWORK IS SOMETHING LITTLE OLD LADIES DO” mindset in the knitting and crocheting communities.

What’s exactly so offensive about being associated with little old ladies?

You know your grandmothers were little old ladies.

Betty White is a little old lady.

Dame Maggie Smith is a little old lady.

How dare you imply being a little old lady is something to be ashamed of.

They are seeing the future!

I’m going to love knitting until I’m an old lady (though I will NEVER be little). By the time I’m officially an old lady I’ll still be able to knit even if I can’t see what I’m doing. I’ll be knitting lace, half blind or in the dark, like a mf boss.

So many people only WISH to find a love like that.

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I Now Have Dreamz

Made it home.  

Barely any traffic.

Dinner on the table.

Got my Dreamz in the mail.

All is right with the world.

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Seen at the Pearl Brewery. #yarnbombing #yarn #pipes #colorful #latergram






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LMAOO ! xD !

I will never stop reblogging this

i’m mad

God is NOT pleased. Ya’ll going straight to hell for this. 

Heart flower cutout yarn feed on a yarn bowl glazed in blood red and grey. Available £50 GBP +P&P ($82.74 +shipping). Enquiries to earthwoolfire@gmail.com

I’ve been stalking earthwoolfire for a while now.  I need to just buy already. Too bad I want everything they made.