Having coffee in the evening… 

Bizarre Ride II

I was gifted this mutant crochet hook that is hooked at both ends. Can someone explain to me wtf I am supposed to do with it?

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Double stranded to get worsted weight for a coffee cup cozy tester.  So far feels pretty decent. VERY stretchy.  Never thought of using polyester though.  Not once.  I might go get a few more.  I need yarn.
So 99 Cents Only sells yarn??

I have a problem.

I just HAD to buy it to see how polyester yarn knits up.

It has got to be better than acrylic. 

We shall see.

Just a little video that will save you tons of time…

Just sayin’

Yarn Dyeing (by the garden bell)

Simple but ingenious!!

Interviewer: “You’ve got to admit there are people who do wanna kill Americans.”

Mos Def: “Yeah, some of them are called the police.”

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Ya whole being is..

Woodland Moss lace weight Linen for a Featherweight-ish Cardigan. #yarn #knitter #knit #linen #summer #yarnporn #knitting #mathisfun